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Slugain Lodge

Photographs of Slugain Lodge

Slugain Lodge - 13th July 2010

Slugain Lodge is the (ruined) 19th century shooting lodge in An Slugan on Invercauld Estate, Aberdeenshire.  The remains of Slugain Lodge stand on the east side of the track running through An Slugan.

Slugain Lodge was built about 1875 to replace Ciach Lodge, which stood on the watershed to the north. 

In 1900 the 6-inch map (1869) was revised and republished in 1902.  On the 6-inch map (1902) the label ‘Ciach Lodge’ was attached to the newer building in An Sulgan and the older building on the watershed to the north had been removed.

By the 1930s the lodge was clearly 'open' and its condition deteriorating.  In the article The Cairngorms Revisited by "Unst" (CCJ 75, July 1934, p215-220) describing the lodge during a visit in June 1933 – the author writes :

I was grieved to see Slugain Lodge in such bad repair and disfigured by so many pencilled records made by the ubiquitous tripper

- "Unst" (CCJ 75, July 1934, p216)

In 1945 the lodge was nearing the end of its life as a usable shelter.  In The Last of the Bothies by William Ewen (Editor) (CCJ 84, 1944-1945, p307-308) - the author writes :

Continued trespass on the estate, housebreaking, and theft has led the responsible authority to order the burning of Slugain Bothy, where some of the property stolen was found ... its disappearance will be regretted by many ... Slugain has suffered the fate that, on more than one occasion, threatened the Corrour - for similar reasons

- William Ewen (Editor) (CCJ 84, 1944-1945, p307-308)

I doubt that Slugain Lodge was burned - a photograph in Poucher (1947) shows a roofless building, without door or window frames, bearing no signs of fire.  The neatly stacked roof tiles against the south-gable, suggests that the building was carefully dismantled to make it unusable as a shelter.