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Taylor (1618)
The Pennyles Pilgrimage, John Taylor, John Taylor, London


Pennant (1771)
A Tour in Scotland, Thomas Pennant, , Chester

Cordiner (1780)
Antiquities & Scenery of the North of Scotland, Charles Cordiner, , London

McHardy (1797)
Old Statistical Account, Charles McHardy, ,


Keith (1811)
A General View of the Agriculture of Aberdeenshire, George Keith, A Brown, Aberdeen

The Penny Magazine (1837)
The Penny Magazine, The society for the diffusion of useful knowledge, Charles Knight, London

Abbotsford (1840)
Jacobite correspondence of the Atholl family, Abbotsford Club, Abbotsford Club, Edinburgh

Andersons (1850)
Guide to the Highlands and islands of Scotland including Orkney and Zetland, George Anderson & Peter Anderson, Adam & Charles Black, Edinburgh

Grierson (1851)
Autumnal rambles among the Scottish mountains, Thomas Grierson, James Hogg, Edinburgh

MacGillivray (1855)
The Natural History of Dee Side and Braemar, William MacGillivray, Private, London

Crombie (1861)
Braemar : Its Topography and Natural History, James Crombie, John Smith, Aberdeen

Clark (1872)
Report from the Select Committee on Game Laws, House of Commons, London

Michie (1872)
Deeside Tales, John Michie, John Adam, Aberdeen

Victoria (1877)
Leaves from the Journal of our life in the Highlands, Queen Victoria, Smith Elder, London

Allardyce (1896)
Historical papers relating to the Jacobite period, 1699-1750 - Volume II, James Allardyce, New Spalding Club, Aberdeen

McConnochie (1898)
The Royal Dee, Alexander McConnochie, William Jolly, Aberdeen


Michie (1901)
The Records of Invercauld, John Michie, New Spalding Club, Aberdeen

Lucas (1906)
Listener's Lure : an oblique narration, Edward Lucas, Methuen, London

Michie (1908)
Deeside Tales, John Michie, D. Wyllie, Aberdeen

Anderson (1911)
Deeside, Robert Anderson, Adam & Charles Black, London

Tayler & Tayler (1914)
The Book of the Duffs (Volume 1), Alistair & Henrietta Tayler, William Brown, Edinburgh

Gordon (1925)
The Cairngorm Hills Of Scotland, Seton Gordon, Cassell and Company, London

Tayler & Tayler (1925)
Lord Fife and his Factor, Alistair & Henrietta Tayler, William Heinemann, London

Alexander (1928)
The Cairngorms, Henry Alexander, The Scottish Mountaineering Club, Edinburgh

McPherson (1930)
John von Lamont : Astronomer Royal of Bavaria, John McPherson, John McPherson (?), Braemar

Salmond (1934)
Wade in Scotland, J. Salmond, The Moray Press, Edinburgh

Gordon (1948)
Highways and Byways in the Central Highlands, Seton Gordon, MacMillan & Co. Ltd., London

Gordon (1951)
Highlands Of Scotland, Seton Gordon, Robert Hale Limited, London

Haldane (1952)
The Drove Roads Of Scotland, A. Haldane, Thomas Nelson and Sons, Edinburgh

Technical Group (1967)
Cairngorm Area, Technical Group, HMSO, Edinburgh

Watson (1968)
The Cairngorms, Adam Watson, The Scottish Mountaineering Trust, Edinburgh

Wyness (1968)
Royal Valley : The Story Of The Aberdeenshire Dee, Fenton Wyness, Alex Reid & Son, Aberdeen

Watson (1975)
The Cairngorms, Adam Watson, The Scottish Mountaineering Trust, Edinburgh

Watson & Allan (1984)
The Place Names of Upper Deeside, Adam Watson and Elizabeth Allan, Aberdeen University Press

Wonders (1988)
Northern Scotland (Volume 8, 1988), William Wonders, Aberdeen University Press

Scroggie (1989)
The Cairngorms scene and unseen, Sydney Scroggie, The Scottish Mountaineering Trust, Edinburgh

Bil (1990)
The Shieling ; 1600-1840, Albert Bil, John Donald, Edinburgh

Dixon & Green (1995)
Mar Lodge Estate Grampian : An Archaeological Survey, P. Dixon & S. Green, RCAHMS, Edinburgh


Duff (2001)
A Bobbie on Ben Macdhui, John Duff, Leopard Magazine, Forgue

Mills (2008)
Historic pine and dendrochronology in Scotland, Coralie Mills, , Edinburgh

Watson (2011)
It's a fine day for the hill, Adam Watson, Paragon, Rothersthorpe