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Poll an Éisg

Poll an ÉisgPoll an Éisg - 14th July 2009

Poll an Éisg is a swimmable pool in the Dé half-way between the confluences of Allt Giubhasachain with Dé and Allt Clais Mhadaidh with Dé.

As a place name Poll an Éisg - means pool of the fish, an apparently good resting place for salmon on their upstream journey.

There's a little uncertainty about the location of Poll an Éisg - the earliest reference I know about is in Gordon (1925) where the author places it at the confluence of Allt Giubhasachain with the Dé - writing :

Where Dee and Giusachan meet is a deep, clear pool.  Pol Iasg (the Fish Pool) it is called, and here many salmon congregate during the summer months after their long journey up the river from the distant sea

- Gordon (1925) (p94)

But the writing of Seton Gordon tends to the poetic, and that tendency may be responsible for the introduction of the little uncertainty.  The confluence of Allt Giubhasachain with the Dé appears too wide, and shallow to be the location of a 'deep, clear pool'.  A more likely candidate is a lazy-S-bend a little downstream from the confluence of Allt Giubhasachain with the Dé - in Watson (1975) the author appears to refer to this bend - writing :

South of where Geusachan enters Dee you will see a lovely quiet deep pool at a bend, called Poll an Éisg (Pole a Neeshk) or pool of the fish, where salmon often lie

- Watson (1975) (p148)

An authoritative grid reference of 983933 (Watson & Allan (1984), p124) is a cat's whisker off the lazy-S-bend - but close enough to satisfy me that we're talking about the same place.