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Luibeg Bothy

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Luibeg Bothy - 1940s (Credit : Anonymous)

Luibeg Bothy is the former gillie bothy at Luibeg.  The use of 'bothy' in the name correctly implies the purpose of the building ; to house an estate employee while engaged in his work ; in the case of Luibeg Bothy that was seasonal deer gillies.

Luibeg Bothy stood a short distance to the west of the Luibeg keeper's cottage.  The photograph, looking north towards the keeper's cottage (right) and the bothy and barn (left), shows the bothy - it's the part of the building with the window and door.

If my memory serves - the bothy was a roughly square room with a wooden floor, a large fireplace in the east-gable and rough wooden bunk-beds were built-in against the north-wall.

Unlike other districts of Scotland it appears to be the case that hillgoers could expect accomodation from the keepers 'up the glens' of Mar - and so it was at Luibeg.  Although the purpose of Luibeg Bothy was the accommodation of gillies during the red deer shooting season, outwith the season the resident keeper allowed hillgoers to use the bothy for a fee.  The last resident keeper at Luibeg was Willie Forbes and he continued the tradition of his predecessors.  In Watson (2011) the author refers to this tradition - writing :

Most who stayed at Luibeg bothy remember it as 'Bob Scott's bothy', but Beattie used it for the same purpose, charging a shilling a night, which Bob later copied. To a stalker on the minimum agricultural wage, this was a useful perk

- Watson (2011) (p36)

We cannot know now for sure, but I'm inclined to believe that the tradition may be as old as the bothy.


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