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Lowdown on the upland of Mar

Lowdown on the upland of Mar

To consider oneself lucky is an expression verging on the cliché, but as a lowland Scot from Dundee I really do consider myself lucky to have known the upland of Mar most of my life.

Among the earliest memories I have are of weekends and holidays spent at the Canadian Campsite and of long walks along dusty estate roads in the surrounding glens. In one early memory I’m passing the ruins in Gleann Laoigh with a mental picture of a kilted highlander hiding a musket in the thatch of his cottage – and I just ‘knew’ that I'd find a musket if I went digging at the back of these ruins. The only difficulty being, I remember, I didn't know which part of the humps were the back walls.

This book is intended to be a ‘carry along’ pocket-sized summary of the more detailed information on the project website. I wrote this book because I wanted a pocket-sized summary of what that information to carry with me on the hill and published it in the belief that other hill goers, and other visitors, will find this summary as useful as I hope it is.

The sale of the book supports the local history project researching the history and geography of the upland of Mar.

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