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A 'little' ice, gravel, and water - Kames

Poll BhàthaidhPoll Bhàthaidh - 13th July 2010

Kames are terraced 'platforms' on hillsides often sitting along the course of a 'dry gully'.

Kames are often formed during the formation of a 'dry gully' when the course of the de-glaciation flood is blocked by a glacier running more-or-less perpendicular to the de-glaciation flood.  Once the gravel in the de-glaciation flood arrives at the glacier it has nowhere to go, and drops out of the flood - the water always finds somewhere to go.  The gravel builds up forming a fan-shaped platform with a level-top, and very much looking like a man-made building platform on a hillside.  Typically the top surface of a Kame will contain a shallow pool.

Among the most obvious kames in the upland of Mar is in An Dubh-Ghleann between Beinn Bhreac and Meall an Lundain - a typical Kame of the Cairngorms, fan-shaped, flat-topped, and containing the shallow pool named Poll Bhàthaidh.  This Kame sits at the bottom of a 'dry gully' named Clais Poll Bhàthaidh the source of the gravel from which it was built