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Geldie Suspension Bridge

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Geldie Suspension Bridge - 1970s

Geldie Suspension Bridge is the (demolished) suspension bridge over Uisge Gheallaidh near White Bridge.  The Geldie Suspension Bridge stood almost due-south of White Bridge, and is shown on Ordnance Survey maps as late as the 1990s. 

It's construction was simple - two large posts, little more than trimmed tree-trunks, formed the supporting uprights on each bank.  A pair of wire ropes ran between the supports on each bank to form the structure of the walkway.  The walkway was crosswise wooden posts supported by the wire ropes - the wooden posts support lengthwise wooden boards.  The suspension pair of wire ropes ran over the top of the supporting uprights, and the walkway was suspended from them on thinner wire ropes every 2-feet or so.  The suspension wire ropes were attached to anchors buried in the ground on each bank.