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Common Gaelic words in place names

When reading the following list it's important not to take any of the given meanings too-literally.  Keep in mind the possibility that the real meaning of any Gaelic place name might be a little more subtle than its literal translation suggests.

Gaelic Scots English Example, and notes
allt burn stream Allt a’ Choire Odhair - burn of the dun corrie
alltan burnie streamlet Alltan na Beinne - burnie of the hill
an   the An Dubh-bhruach - the black (or dark) bank
The definite article - only place names with an (in some form) should have the in their English translations
beag wee
little Gleann Laoigh Beag - glen of little calf-one
caochan ? little blind one Caochan nan Spòld - little blind one of the haunches
stone Clach nan Tàillear – stone of the tailors
clais ? hollow Clais Mhadaidh – hollow of the wolf
dubh ? black/dark An Dubh-Ghleann – the dark glen
? bog-channel Féith nan Sgòr – bog-channels of the rocky-hills
gleann glen ? Gleann Laoigh Beag - glen of little calf-one
lochan lochan lakelet Lochan Féith nan Sgòr – lochan of the bog-channels of the rocky-hills
mhòr ? big Dail a’ Mhorair Mhòr - big haugh of the nobleman
preas ? copse [?] Preas nam Meàrlach – copse of the robbers
poll ? pool Poll an Éisg - pool of the fish
ruighe shiel grazing place [?] Ruighe nan Clach - grazing place of the stones
uisge water river Usige Beitheachan - water of little birch place