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Fraser's Bridge

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Fraser's Bridge - 22nd September 2012

Fraser's Bridge - colloquially Fraser's Brig - is the 18th century vehicle bridge over Uisge Chluainidh in Gleann Cluainidh on Invercauld Estate, Aberdeenshire.

Fraser's Bridge crosses Uisge Chluainidh a little more than three miles south of Braemar.

In 1749, or soon after, Fraser's Bridge was built as part of the 'New Military Road' system built after the Jacobite rising of 1745.

In McHardy (1795) the author refers to the construction of the road - writing :

The military road from Blairgowrie to Fort George goes through the parishes of Braemar and Crathy, which was completed in the year 1749, at the expense of government.  Bridges were likewise built over all the rivers and rivulets upon this line of road, at the same expense

- McHardy (1795) (p345)

Fraser's Bridge is clearly shown on Roy (1747-1755), so it was evidently built sometime before 1755.