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Company 25

Canadian Forestry Corps Cap Badge

Company 25 of the Canadian Forestry Corps was stationed on Mar Estate, Braemar, Aberdeenshire as part of the 2nd Forestry District headquartered at Struan Lodge, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire.  The other companies in the 2nd Forestry District were companies 4, 16, and 22.

The available sources cover the Canadian Forestry Corps as a whole and have little to say about individual companies.  For that reason it's nearly impossible to learn much about Company 25 from these sources, but we can infer some meaningful facts about the company from them - for example - it's not a huge leap to infer that all companies of the Canadian Forestry Corps received their initial training in the same camp and were transported to Scotland following the same route and transportation methods.  In Wonders (1988) - the author tells us about their training and transportation to Scotland - writing :

... the CFC were trained combat troops as well as woodsmen, receiving their initial military training over five to seven months at Valcartier Camp near Quebec City. From there companies proceeded to Halifax, and thence overseas in convoys to Clyde estuary ports

- Wonders (1988) (p52)

Company 25 arrived in Scotland at a "Clyde estuary port", possible Gourock or Greenock, on the 29th of March 1942 (CMHQ-97, Appendix A).  I'm guessing they had to build their own camp and sawmill because they didn't begin timber operations until 5th of July 1942 (CMHQ-151, Appendix A)

Again, infering the establishment of Company 25 from the sources, there were 194 men in the company - including :

  • Commanding Officer - a major
  • Second in command - a captain
  • Four junior offices - 3 of whom were engaged in timber operations
  • 12-sergeants - including : 2 Sawmill Foremen, 5 Bush Foremen, 1 Blacksmith, 1 Cook

Company 25 ended timber operations at Mar Lodge on the 14th of June 1944.  They tidied up the area to some extent before they left, but signs of their occupation were evident into the 1970s.



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