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Coire Craoibh an Òir

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Coire Craoibh an ÒirCoire Craoibh an Òir - 21st August 2007

Coire Craoibh an Òir is a corrie on the southern face of Carn Crom above Gleann Laoigh Beag.

As a place name Coire Craoibh an Òir - meaning corrie of the tree of the gold, is derived from a legend relating to a McKenzie laird of Dalmore.  Dalmore was the name of the locality where the Mar Lodge stands today, and generations of McKenzies were feudal-holders of Dalmore under the Earls of Mar, and foresters to them until sometime in the the 1720s.  

The short version of this legend is that an unspecified McKenzie laird of Dalmore buried gold from a raid in Lochaber beside this tree for a while, before he moved it to Cnapan Or, in Gleann Gheallaidh – where it remains to this day under a rock with the shape of a horseshoe carved on it. 

Carobh an Òir – is still standing, and can be seen from the track around the base of the corrie.  Based on the map reference given in Watson & Allan (1984) for the tree, I estimate it stands on the 1,750 ft. contour on an imaginary line between the summits of Carn Crom, and Sgòr Dhub.