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An Garbh-choire

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An Garbh-choireAn Garbh-choire from Ben Macdui - 16th July 2010

An Garbh-choire is the collective name applied to the group of corries at the head of Gleann Dhé around the course of Allt a' Gharbh-choire.

As a place name An Garbh-choire - means the rough corrie.

There really isn't a corrie named An Garbh-choire - it's a generic term applied to the huge-scoop between Carn an t-Sabhail and Am Bràigh Riabhach.  A satellite view shows most of the corrie to be a continuation of the glen below, and not a distinct corrie in its own right.  In fact - the glen below was actually called (something like) Gleann Garbh-choire - meaning (something like) glen of rough corrie into the 20th century, and the name Gleann Dhé was not applied above the confluence of Allt Giubhasachain with Uisge Dé.   In Keith (1811) the author makes this point writing :

We then travelled ... along the valley of Glen Dee, for about 5 or 6 miles, till we arrived at the junction of the Garchary and the Guisachan.  Here the Dee loses its name ; and its elevation above the sea, at the point where its two mountain stream unite, is 1640 feet

- Keith (1811) (p644)

From the track between Gleann Dhé, and Làirig Dhrù the corrie hides itself by curving slightly southward behind spurs projecting from Sgòr an Lochain Uaine, and Am Bràigh Riabhach.  Low down, the floor of An Garbh-choire is a relatively gentle slope ; following the course of Allt a' Gharbh-choirie the distance between the 2,000 ft. and 3,000 ft. contour is 2 miles.  Although that's five times the grade between Eas Dé, and the 2,000 ft. contour, I wouldn't call a grade of 500 ft. / mile steep.

Superficially An Garbh-choire may appear to be one corrie – it isn’t.  It could be argued that it's a super-corrie comprising several separate, and distinct smaller corries.  A close inspection of the area on the 1:25 000 scale map, or on foot shows this. The other corries covered by the collective name An Garbh-choire (may arguably) include :

  • Coire an Lochain Uaine
  • An Garbh-choire Mór
  • Am Fuar Garbh-choire
  • Garbh-choire Dhé