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Am Beitheachan

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Am BeitheachanAm Beitheachan - 13th July 2010

Am Beitheachan is the quiet, wooded glen that wraps around the eastern foot of Beinn Bòrd on Mar Lodge Estate, Aberdeenshire.

From Watson & Allan (1984) we learn, that Am Beitheachan – means the little birch place.

Glen Quoich ends as a place name at the confluence of Allt an Dubh-ghlinne with Uisge Quoich.  The wooded glen swinging in from the east around the foot of Beinn Bòrd is Am Beitheachan, and its watercourse is the Uisge Beitheachan.

It is odd that none of the Ordnance Survey maps I’ve seen show Am Beitheachan since the name is still known locally, and earlier maps show the name in one form or another : Gordon (1654) shows Forrest of Beachar ; Farquharson (1703) shows BEACHAN Wood, and WATER BEACHAN ; Roy (1747-1755) shows The Beachan.

The name survives in the memory of local people, and writers with local knowledge.  In Watson (1975) the author writes :

Am Beitheachan (Um Bay-achan) or the little birch place is the valley to the E. Although local people always call the E part the Beitheachan and not the Quoich, all the maps have omitted it

– Watson (1975) (p207)

Am Beitheachan is bounded roughly in the west by the estate road leading from Glean Quoich to the foot of Beinn Bòrd.  It is bounded in the east by the boundary between Mar Forest and Invercauld Forest.