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Aberdeen University Library

MS 3175 is the number under which every 'document' held by the Aberdeen University Library, relating to the 'Duff House Papers', is referenced. 

These 'documents' are kept in the Wolfson Reading Room, of the Aberdeen University Library, Bedford Road, Aberdeen. 

This reference number covers many types of documents ; everything from bound ledgers to bundles of folded letters.  The material is organised, but only to the level that each ledger, and bundle has a summary that gives a fair idea of what it contains. 

Finding anything useful requires a lot of skimming, but there are nuggets - for example - MS 3175/1315/1 is a few dis-bound pages and contains an entry accounting for the £1 received by Don McHardy for 9 days work "thatching the Sheil in Glendee" in October 1822.